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Quotes from Clients of NADC Architects, LLC

  Mark Peterson, Dealer

 "Of particular note was his (NADC Architects) speed in preparing our plans and his complete "pre-review" of our plans with local planning and permit authorities which directly resulted in our obtaining a complete building permit for our entire facility in the same amount of time it took a local, Boise Architect to obtain a "foundation only" permit for one of the other dealershiops in the auto park. Mr. Hill's manner of approaching local authorities for approval as well as the completeness of the NADC plans prompted positive comments from our local building department."

  Jim Evans, Jr., Dealer

 "During the bid and Permit Process as well as the construction of the building, Mr. Hill was readily available both by phone and on site to coordinate the process. He spent many hours working with the permit authorities to obtain approval for our building plans. Our resulting building has received favorable comments from many sources. I recommend that you seriously consider their firm for your project."